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International Kids Brands Make Waves in India: A Closer Look at the Global Trendsetters

In recent years, the Indian kids’ fashion landscape has witnessed a significant transformation with the emergence of international brands making their mark in the market. Brands like Zara Kids, H&M Kids, GAP Kids, and others have become increasingly popular among Indian consumers, reshaping the way parents dress their children. But what has led to this […]

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Just Chill!

Harness the power of herbs to stay cool this summer  Global warming is causing temperatures to soar, breaking new records every day. Excessive heat can cause dehydration, heat stroke, sweating, rashes, allergies and acne. Sweating helps keep our bodies cool and regulates our body temperature. However, excessive sweating can also lead to heat exhaustion and […]


Want to send your child for study abroad?

In today’s globalized world, many parents aim to equip their mid-schoolers for international education, recognizing the significant benefits it offers in terms of academic development and personal growth. This guide provides actionable advice for parents navigating the process of preparing their children for studying abroad, focusing on essential steps to ensure a smooth transition and […]


Exciting News for You and Your Child! 

Introducing the imoo Z7, the ultimate health watchphone designed to redefine child safety and well-being. As your child’s first phone, the imoo Z7 sets new standards in blending wellness, safety, and connectivity to assist you in parenting with ease. Priced at ₹14,990, the imoo Z7 is your go-to solution for stress-free parenting, especially for kids […]


Are you on Board

Exploring Educational Trends for Young Learners: A Comprehensive Guide for Indian Parents In today’s dynamic educational landscape, parents are increasingly seeking innovative ways to nurture their child’s learning journey. From traditional textbooks to interactive digital platforms, the options are vast and diverse. As an authoritative voice in parenting, we delve into the latest trends and […]


Navigating Parenting: Empowering Strategies for Children on the Autism Spectrum in India

With World Autism Day on April 2nd, Devangana Mishra, CEO and Founder of Brain Bristle, an innovative initiative, gives Devangana’s insights into current trends in autism advocacy and support can provide valuable perspectives for your audience.  The prevalence of Autism in India has been steadily increasing over the last decade. According to a 2021 study […]


Fantasy Land: A Magical Journey through Disney

showcased the holistic development nurtured at EuroSchool Kharadi, where students not only excel academically but also thrive artistically. The young stars of Grade 1 & 2 brought beloved Disney characters to life through stunning performances and dazzling costumes. From classic tunes to modern hits, the annual concert captivated audiences of all ages, leaving them entranced […]


Happinetz: A made-in-India Parental Control Filte

Did you know, 42% of children under the age of 12 have a screen time of up to 4 hours. 88% of parents are concerned about their child’s early access to inappropriate contents. In fact, screen time and unsafe internet have been a part of many online conversations. Department of Telecommunications sent out mass SMSes […]


Smartsters – Homegrown children’s furniture and décor brand opens its first standalone store in KOPA Mall, Pune

Smartsters, the premium children’s furniture and home décor brand is all set to debut at Kopa Mall Pune as a standalone store. This exciting venture follows years of unprecedented success in the online marketplace. The new Smartsters store at KOPA Mall promises to redefine the shopping experience for parents seeking innovation and give them a […]

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