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Who We Are?

We’re just like you—two moms navigating the labyrinth of parenthood while preserving our unique identities and savouring life’s joys. Like many parents, we aimed to provide our children with more than we had growing up—choices, opportunities, and the support to seize them.


That’s when we decided to stop struggling and start creating. With Tots India, we established a nurturing community where parents can learn, evolve, and connect. What began as a magazine answering unasked questions evolved into a supportive space that resonates with every parent seeking more from their social circle.

Brand Vision

Tots India is a transformative journey beyond conventional parenting, lifestyle, and community. At our core, we’re a powerful magazine, but we’re more than pages—we’re a dynamic force in events and content marketing. We blend parenting with lifestyle, weaving an inclusive tapestry that enriches lives beyond ordinary expectations.

Brand Statement

“Tots India: Elevating Parenthood, Igniting Possibilities, Inspiring Life.” We transcend glossy pages, infusing every encounter with discovery, growth, and joy. Our events and content ignite possibilities beyond the expected, led by our influential magazine’s voice.

Our Objective

At Tots India, we aim to celebrate modern parenting through a dynamic and inclusive community. More than a magazine, we wish to unite families through immersive events and captivating content, fostering connections and igniting exploration.

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