January 22, 2024

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Happinetz: A Make in India Parental Control Filter for Families

Did you know, 42% of children under the age of 12 have a screen time of up to 4 hours. 88% of parents are concerned about their child’s early access to inappropriate contents.

In fact, screen time and unsafe internet have been a part of many online conversations. Department of Telecommunications sent out mass SMSes urging parents to install a parental control filter to safeguard their children online. Recently at the Pariksha pe Charcha edition, while addressing young students, PM Modi talked about the impact of excessive screen time on kids.

While the internet is a great tool for children to learn, grow and explore, the internet does not discriminate. It does not understand the age or intent of the user and shows the best results, even if they are age-inappropriate. That’s when a Parental Control Filter like Happinetz comes to the rescue.

Happinetz Box is a patent-filed Make in India product that connects to your home router wired or wirelessly. Manage your child’s screen time by setting internet schedules and monitors over 110 million websites/apps and blocks over 22 million adult & unsecured content permanently. It can connect as many as 10 devices including phones (Android and iOS), tablets, laptops and Smart TVs. And also provides Insights and History into your child’s internet activities by also protecting their privacy.

As a means to address the problem of unsafe internet and excessive screen time, Happinetz has also embarked on a #SafeInternetForKids Pledge Wall Initiative where we invite all stakeholders to sign our pledge on safeinternetforkids.in

Join the Happinetz family today and provide a safe and protected online environment to your children.

You can find more about the product here: happinetz.com

link :-  https://happinetz.com/


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